WSL-G5 Integrated Solar Powered LED Solar Streetlight

The WSL-G5 series solar streetlight is an advanced all-in-one lighting solution, featuring integrated components for durability, efficiency, and safety, backed by a 3-year warranty and robust resistance against harsh environmental conditions.


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The WSL-G5 series solar streetlight is a high-performance, all-in-one lighting solution designed for durability and efficiency. With integrated components including advanced batteries, a smart controller, efficient solar panels, and powerful LEDs, this system ensures seamless operation and exceptional illumination.

Constructed from premium materials and featuring patented technologies, the WSL-G5 series prioritizes safety and stability. Its robust design, including housing heatsink material and direct battery integration, guarantees extended usage and enhanced safety.

Backed by a 3-year luminaire warranty, this product offers reliability and peace of mind. Withstanding wind pressures of up to 65m/s and boasting a maximum resistance of 12KV against lightning damage, the WSL-G5 series delivers uncompromised performance in any environment.

Full series of WSL-G5

Model # Batt. Type Sensor Solar PV(watts) LED's Pwr. Total Flux GW(kg) Packing(cm)
WSL-30G5 LiFePO4 MWS 50W 18W 3000lm 10.8kg 92*43*21
WSL-40G5 LiFePO4 MWS 60W 24W 4000lm 12.6kg 110*43*21
WSL-50G5 LiFePO4 MWS 80W 30W 5000lm 14.4kg 142*43*21
WSL-60G5 LiFePO4 MWS 100W 36W 6000lm 16.1kg 157*43*21


Basic Features

Battery: Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4)
LED: WALSUN™ pkgd LED sources
Control method: smart control chipset 
Lighting duration without sunshine: 3-4 days in intelligent working mode
Heatsink material: 6063 aluminum, dual-coating finish
CCT: 2800K-7500K, color temp can be customized
Light Output Eff.: 160-170lm/W
Lifespan: 80,000 hrs
Beam Angle: 120°x60°
Guard Level: IP66
Warranty: 3 years