About Walsun Industries


Walsun, as a leader in LED lighting and new energy power industry, focuses on developing and manufacturing ultra high energy-efficient lighting industrial products and new energy power facilities. So far, Walsun has accumulated nearly 20 years of relevant experience. As an integrator of the industrial chain, Walsun owns engineering lighting products and related accessories manufacturing bases, multiple PV and ES facility production lines, as well as energy storage battery manufacturing bases and other comprehensive manufacturing capabilities. The elements such as strong production capacity, R&D forces and artificial intelligence-based production systems are Walsun's magic weapon to reflect its brand advantages and delivery capabilities.

In the past 20 years, with the continuous expansion of the company's product range, our products have gradually been sold to many countries around the world. Up to now, Walsun has developed markets in more than 110 countries and built a huge after-sales service network.

It is worth mentioning that the series of integrated solar street lights developed and produced by Walsun in recent years have become very popular due to their high-standard manufacturing process and quality, as well as their competitive cost-effectiveness and other advantages. So far, in this field, Walsun has established stable market sales channels and after-sales service networks in many countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa. In particular, the products have reached the leading level in the industry in terms of the selection of basic materials, the use of casting processes, the maintenance of electronic properties of internal components, and the continuous optimization of overall product performance. We solemnly promise our customers that we will always uphold the rigorous craftsmanship spirit, take every product from us seriously, and treat our quality with great responsibility. At the same time, as always, we will also faithfully fulfill our after-sales responsibilities.

Why Choose Us

Product supply

We offer high quality products of solar powered energy system, lighting system and AC powered LED lamps.

Engineering consultant

We act as consultants for engineering projects, providing valuable advice and effective measures.

Technical Support

We offer technical support for all our valuable customer all the time.

Business solution

We offer proffetional business solutions on application of solar energy and LED lighting.