• solar powered led light

    solar powered led light

  • High Power LED Square/Stadium Light

    High Power LED Square/Stadium Light Ultta high flux

    High Power LED Square/Stadium Light

  • all in one solar powered led street light | WSL-G 2022 version

    solar powered LED street ligh t| super high brightness

    all in one solar powered led street light | WSL-G 2022 version

  • High Power LED Square/Stadium Light

    High Power LED Square/Stadium Light

    LED sport lighting, led stadium light, high power led flood light

What We Provide

Solar ESS | Solar (LED) Lighting | Solution Design

As an industry group, Walsun provides products(facilities) both in solar and lighting fields to our global partners, meanwhile we can serve them in the relevant solutions.

Solar Energy Storage System

Solar Energy Storage System

Walsun Solar ESS is based on unique lead-carbon battery and high-end PV array combining with advanced electrical power unit, it achieves real-time management with the Walsun plartform based on big data and AI.

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Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

By adopting first-class materials and blending the unique design to ensure that the product can run efficiently in long time. With application of PV cells (> 23%) in aviation industry grade, 6063 AL, battery life longer than 6000 cycles,this series is extremely of high end.

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AC LED Lighting

AC LED Lighting

Walsun outdoor lighting products can output ultra high brightness. Meanwhile, has the ability to resist from grade-17 typhoon. Strong anti-corrosion thanks to adopting the aviation grade AL and the high standard surface treatment tech. The stable electronic performance to ensure super long service life.

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Partial Walsun Project Showcase

Over 10 years' project supply experience with accumulation more than10GWh power storage scale and 1 million KM roadway lighting. Walsun has formed its big scale market distributing our business over 30 countries and hundreds of cities or regions. Walsun business mode includes EPC,OEM and ODM to our partners in world wide.

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Why Us?

Dedicated | Reliable | Leading

Walsun is your ideal partner that can provide you most feasible industrial solution, reliable facility supply capacity and considerate post-sale service.

First-class Service

Under Shuangdeng Group, Walsun has established its own pre-sale & post-sale service team with background of the business and related industry knowledge. 7 days and 24 hours be ready to provide our valuable customers with timely and high quality service.

Strong Supply Capacity Guarantee

The group holds 3 manufacturing hubs including solar PV, ESS battery, ESS assembly, solar lighting factories. Possessing rigorous supply chain, advanced production lines and strict quality control level, we ensure to provide the best supply guarantee to our worldwide partners.

Powerful Technical Force

With tight partnership to IEE of CAS, established a R&D team consisting of 30 senior engineers and 10 experts. In ESS control platform based on cloud big data and AI, street lighting facility and energy storage system design, our overseas partners can enjoy our top support.

Strong Training Force

Strategicallly established partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences, chronically provides various professional training including facility application, maintenance and after-sales business.

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Doing Business with Us

You'd be highly appreciated to give us any feedbacks or suggestions.The Walsun service team will be always ready to forward any of your messages to our related expert team.

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