Our Team

                                                                                                         The core leadership team of Walsun(China) Industries

Chaway Tam
10 years experience in solar ess and LED
lighting product development. He's holden the 
position CEO under the company group since 2018.
Wilson Zou
Project Director| Solar ESS & Solar Lighting
20 years experience in solar and lighting
project construction. He's also an expert in
general design of solar plant and energy
storage system.
Lucas Tam
Director | Supply Chain Management Center
He is a senior developer of the company's
supply chain and also an excellent manager of
the team.
Jimmy Pei
Chief Engineer
Deeply profeesional in product design and
R&D. He's pretty innovative in product design
and always easy to find inspiration from life.
Phoenix D.
Office Director

Expericend in administration. She's an
excellent leader of the team that full of
charming personality. As the exploiter of
Walsun's managing system,she is always
working hard to maintain our platform.
Dannis Zou
Director | Manufacutring Center 
Many years experience in manufacturing
management. Rigorous to himself and easy-
going to the team. Under his effort, we supply
high-end products continously to our partners