About Walsun Industries


Walsun Industries, a member of Shuangdeng Group, founded in 2006, is a high-tech & intenational company in global energy-saving lighting and solar power supply solution. As an leading equipment supplier, solar power and outdoor lighting solution provider, Walsun has its own large-scale manufacturing base, RD center and strong overseas stationed business divisions. Currently, the group’s total operation revenue has exceeded 1 billion USD, is one of the earliest identifying as" Environment Friendly Enterprise” in China. We have set up over 83 branches and divisions in world wide. 9 product spare storaging centers and 6 product delivery centers have been established to support emergent needs from continuous project constructions. Particularly in Africa, Walsun widely and deeply cooperate with the governments and strategically solve their power shortage and outdoor lighting problems.

In technique, Walsun yearly gains over 80 patents in solar lighting both of thermal-radiation structure and constant current driver,45 patents in solar generation module integration and energy-storage battery design. An R&D center consists of 30 specialists, including 5 doctors, 15masters and having established long term strategic cooperation with the Electrical Engineering Institute(EEI) of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). With the strength, Walsun has formed its strong tech team and endlessly overcomes difficult problems in solar power and lighting field.

As per the manufacturing capacity, in recent years, we have gradually invested to build LED packaging base (20,000 ㎡), assembly workshop(10,000㎡), automatic workshop for energy-storage battery manufacturing base(200,000㎡). In the industrial group, Walsun enjoys the strong manufacturing capability. Meanwhile, we strategically integrate the entire supply chains and form our own strong supply strength in the field.

It is worth pointing out that, we also have the capacity and experience to provide reasonable solutions and guide the site operation in solar system construction and outdoor lighting project for big engineering clients and project developers. In recent years, Walsun plays active parts in" BELT and ROAD” initiative construction in some of the related countries. Possessing strong and specialized teams experienced in solar generation and energy-saving lighting field, Walsun is stepping to the higher industrial level to gain more achievements.

Why Choose Us

Product supply

We offer high quality products of solar powered energy system, lighting system and AC powered LED lamps.

Engineering consultant

We act as consultants for engineering projects, providing valuable advice and effective measures.

Technical Support

We offer technical support for all our valuable customer all the time.

Business solution

We offer proffetional business solutions on application of solar energy and LED lighting.